Exo-Zombies Map Outbreak

So far Sledgehammer games have released Exo-Zombies. Just like the Treyarch Zombies there are four main characters , perks, and a wonder weapon. Exo-Zombies was released as part of The Havoc DLC and is only available for Xbox users.

Exo-Zombies first appeared in Advanced Warfare Exo-Survival. In order to access the last round you had to completed a certain amount of rounds to get to the next Tier. There are a total of 4 tiers and a bonus one after completing all 4. The bonus round is Riot. When you get to round 11 the DNA bomb will go off turning every soldier into zombies and making the round go to round 12. If you survive long enough you will be able to see the very cool cut scene after you get to the extraction point.

The 4 main characters are Oz( John Malkovich), Decker ( John Bernthal), Lillith ( Rose MCGowan) ,and Mr.Khan( Bill Paxton). The 5 perks available are Exo health( Juggernog), Exo Medic ( Quick Revive), Exo Slam, Exo Reload(Speed Cola), and Exo Soldier( Gun ho perk in Multiplayer). The new Exo Zombies also include a new Wonder Weapon the CEL-3 Cauterizer. The CEL-3 Cauterizer is an energy shotgun with three barrels, which rotate after firing. The CEL-3 Cauterizer holds up to 80 rounds and is very affective in late rounds. It can only be found in the 3D printer(Mystery Box) for 1,000 points and when upgraded(Pack-a-Punched) it gains good attachments like the Target Enhancer( upgrade 4 times), Stock( upgrade 7 times), and Extended Mags( upgrade 10 times).

The map its self is medium to large. You spawn without your Exo suit, pistol the Atlas 45, and 4 frag grenades. In order to retrieve your Exo suit you must turn on the power( optional) if you want to get Exo Medic.There are two ways in order to get the exo suit. The first way would be entering opening the door next to the power. from there you go straight until your in a long hallway. Next you would open the a door that leads to stairs and from there you turn on the power and get your Exo suit.Note: that some rooms have there own power source. It'snot like to Treyarch version were you turn on the power and everything is available for use.